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What are Combo Brows ?

The best of both worlds! Crisp, fluffy hair stokes up front & powder shading throughout.
A combination brow combines microblading strokes with machine shading. If you have sparse brow hair or uneven brow growth, a combination brow is perfect for you! Soft shading blends out any unevenness throughout the brow. It is also idea for those looking for a more defined or filled in brow. 
This is a beautiful look for all skin types (including oily/aging skin), and heals very soft and beautiful.
If you are unsure of what service to book, a combination brow is the safest choice!

How long do Combo brows last?

While hairstrokes will tend to fade, this style of brow will hold its pigment and shape for a longer duration, that closer to the expected longevity of a powder brow. The majority of the brow is typically done in the powder style.

Aftercare for Combination Brows:​

Everything you need to care for your brows will be given to you the day of your appointment. 

o   Only wash your brows with the cleanser I  give you. This means keeping them dry in the shower, and avoiding sweating, saunas, and steam for the next 10-14 days. No working out until all flaking has finished.

o   Cleanse morning and night for 7 days with the provided cleanser.

o   Apply a THIN layer (think grain of rice) of aftercare balm to the brows 2-3x a day for 14 days.

o You may wear makeup around the brows, but leave at least one inch around them at all times to prevent infection.

o   Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks. 

o   Do not touch, pick, rub, or scratch the brows. Do not pick the scabs or flakes as they come off, this will remove the pigment and lead to patchiness and scarring.

Combo Brows: Text
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